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Urban Presets Pack

Urban Presets Pack


This preset pack focus on city vibes. The tones are cooler and desaturated with a dramatic touch. 


  • These presets have to be downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer and then installed in you Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (latest version).
  • The downloadable file is a ZIP-file with presets (read about how to install here How to install)
  • There are no refunds.
  • VAT is calculated in checkout


I’ve had a passion for art and design ever since I was a kid. I painted my first picture with water color when I was 7, and that one picture is still hanging on the wall in the living room of my family home..

Years later the canvas and the water color has been replaced by a camera and Lightroom. I can spend hours in Lightroom to get the perfect edit to my photos. And if you like my style I’ll now offer you to buy my presets so you can edit your photos to look just like mine. Enjoy! 


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This preset pack suits you who want a warm and golden look, but yet desaturated.